Isabel Gomez



The Scaletta towel warmer is a nomadic, iconic and pop object that, thanks to its originality and versatility of use, is able to meet the different needs of a project.

The design of Scaletta is far from the traditional shapes of the towel warmer: the ladder is an immediate object, which needs no explanation to be understood because it is in everyone's imagination. Scaletta is instinctively experienced as an "object that furnishes and that heats" offering also the maximum freedom of positioning in the space, mainly in the bathroom. In addition, since it does not require installation, it lends itself to change location in the house and also to be transferred at each change of residence.

Scaletta, plug&play electric, is made of aluminum in a wide range of Tubes colors and is available in two versions: wall-mounted and free-standing, both equipped with a pulley that wraps around the electric cable. In addition, Scaletta can be fitted with the Regman accessory: a manual temperature regulator designed to keep the set surface temperature of the towel warmer constant. The free-standing version can be equipped with a practical support surface.


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