Isabel Gomez

Hotels / Restaurants

A beautiful and distinct space is the foremost requirement of any hospitality business. Hotel and restaurant patrons feel inherently drawn to a visually appealing and well-made space.

Exceptional interiors lead to exceptional client experiences and an exceptionally recognized brand.

We base our work ethic on sustainability and hand-crafted, European products. We surround ourselves with high-quality furniture, lighting, and accessory providers who both share our values and bring your clients an immersive experience that resonates with your own brand and story..


Whether Office design is about more than creating a workspace — it’s about creating a culture. We prioritize designs that reflect the style and mission of your company, and provide furnishing solutions from leading brands who improve the work experience of your team.

Greater productivity leads to greater revenue and success! The look and feel of your workplace environment can enlarge the prestige of your organization and invite the talent you’re hoping to attract.

We would love to see our design strengths contribute to the life and joy of your business.

Property Investor

Smart design choices immediately enhance a property’s beauty, functionality, and style. You’ve likely witnessed how a redesigned space grows instantly more appealing to guests and visitors.

For a real estate investor, interior design serves as an enticing hook that allows people to picture themselves living within a particular space and property.

Our experience in Brussels real estate will let you create the real “ coup de coeur.” We bring personality, skill, and increased value that significantly impacts potential buyers and renters.

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