It is a face-to-face service, in which we accompany you throughout the entire process. We will work together to understand your challenges and objectives and develop a comprehensive design scheme. This includes space planning and design, 3D renderings and elevations, selection of materials and finishes, lighting plans, fixture selections, furnishings, art and accessories. We take care of the order of the products and materials, and we supervise the delivery and installation.

How does it work?

Whether a full or partial remodel, in which you need help to carry it out and you want to receive a first idea with the detailed budget of the work and the different possibilities that are offered to you. We analyze the project and study the best possibilities taking into account your wishes and your lifestyle. (maximum 4 hours of work including the first visit)

1. Style Quiz

If you are ready to kick-start your project, please complete the questionnaire and do not hesitate to communicate everything you consider important. Once we review your questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule a visit.

2. First visit and design of the preliminary project

It is a first proposal of how we see your space transformed and the budget for the cost of the project with both the interior design fees and the contractor offer (if needed)

3. Presentation of the preliminary draft

We invite you to our office to present the blueprint and explain it step by step. You will receive the detailed budget, a contract sample and the detailed description of our work method.

4. And then?

The fees for the project are calculated based on an hourly rate. The study of the project allows us to make a calculation of the hours necessary for the realization. You will receive detailed log sheets which outline the work performed with each month’s billable hours.