"Interior design is not difficult but complex, the ideal interior should reflect the way you live adapting perfectly to yourself and your needs"

Since I was very young I loved modifying places and imagining how to get the most out of each space. I have been working professionally for years and my greatest desire is to create style and ease in our clients’ lives through home décor that makes everyday exceptional.

Being born in a place where there are 260 sunny days a year has undoubtedly contributed to one of my obsessions being inviting light indoors. I believe in detail, in very well done things, privileging quality over quantity. I believe in noble and natural materials

Isabel Gómez Interiors is a dream come true, a proof that everything is possible when you put the right dose of passion.

I live my passion since I was very small. The curiosity and sensitivity to the good design of the built space have led me to dedicate a large part of my life to professional training in the field of architecture.

After obtaining the diploma of Interior Designer, I reaffirmed my vocation by launching myself into the world of architecture, where I obtained my degree in Architecture in 2016.

I am convinced that functional and aesthetically correct design positively influences the life of the people.

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.

I believe that our environment has a big influence on our everyday life and our mood. That’s why I want to create harmony and bring light into interiors. I think our job is limitless; it is a perfect balance between creativity and performance. This is why I enjoy designing furniture that will match your needs and your personality. Sharing and exchanging ideas as well as working together are really the key to me. A good team work leads to a great result.